Shopper Tracking, Trigger Communication & Analytics

As a sole distributor to Facerecog Asia, along with our retail & shopper design solutions, we can trigger communication, track & measure your shopper behaviour, satisfaction and their path to purchase journey to determine the efficiency of your advertising spending & retail space.

Trigger Advertising

Manage and trigger targeted communication or advertisement to defined gender and age group to maximize ROI with demographic analytics to measure and learn from post or live real time transition.

Live Data Capturing

Facerecog in-house developed algorithm detects age range, gender and emotional changes in real-time and allows you to monitor them LIVE!

64 Emotions

The most number of emotions ever mapped onto a single platform. Even more precise data for better analytics and learn about your guests deeply.

Maximum Control Of Your Ads

User-Friendly interface allows you to upload your own high-res pictures, gifs and videos at your own content publishing schedule.

Face Matching System

Manage and define your audience’s emotions and reaction at key touch points, measure your customer service and client satisfaction. By further matching and tracking their presences, we can trigger customized call for action for your targeted audiences.

Non-Stationary, Wide-Angle Application

People don't always walk up to the camera lens to be detected. Our software integrates with your wide lens CCTVs mounted in tight corners to detect faces.

Live Multi-Face Detection

This is a solution for high traffic spaces such as the club entrance or hotel lobby. Simply integrate our software to start tracking tagged visitors.


A long-term, value for money solution. Save on upfront costs. With use on limited cameras, you only pay for faces you want to track.

Mobile Tracking

Manage and capture your human traffic behaviour, understanding their frequency and time spent at strategic location, outlining their Path to Purchase for predictive learning.

Invisible Detection

Unlike CCTVs, this stealthy system is implemented out-of-sight. Starting out on a security measure? Save on hefty hardware costs.

Precise Continuos Tracking

Follow individual signals easily without having to check ALL your cameras. No one is ever "out of camera view". This "camera" will track 100% of your movements within vicinity.

Perfect Control Of Everything In Range

Hassle-free collation of every signal onto a single platform or a map. One-third, bird's-eye, X-ray view of even the most labyrinth-like facilities.

Output of combined features can be used for retail and shopper marketing, customer service, traffic control and complementing security system across all industries.


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