Shopper Tracking, Trigger Communication & Analytics

As a sole distributor to Facerecog Asia, along with our retail & shopper design solutions, we can trigger communication, track & measure your shopper behaviour, satisfaction and their path to purchase journey to determine the efficiency of your advertising spending & retail space.

Visual Awareness

Accurately determines customer footfall to create an impactful customer experience. Complimenting mobile tracking, we are able to accurately determine the number of people in an area. Companies are able to deploy their resources effectively in an event of a long queue. With more resources effectively allocated, it ultimately reduces waiting time and thus, a seamless customer experience. Customers are also aware of places with long queues and thus, giving them the freedom to choose other places of interest with shorter waiting times and thus, improving customer experience.

Compliments Mobile Tracking

Accurately Determines Customer Footfall

Reduces Waiting Time

Seemless Customer Experience

Trigger Advertising

Pushing the right ad/communication to the right audience at the precise moment to convert and drive traffic conversion. FaceRecog in-house developed algorithm can detect age range, gender and up to 64 emotions of your customers in real-time. With the most number of emotions ever mapped in a single platform, providing you with comprehensive analytics data for you to better understand your customer’s behaviour and needs.

Identify/ segment crowd/ customer by age, group and gender

Trigger customized advertisement/ communication to targeted audience

Evaluate advertisement/ communication effectiveness via monitoring state of customer engagement and dwelling time

Measure, track, and learn to improve with live real time dashboard/export CVS data report

Integrate outlet offline to online transfering sales/ rewards to outlets nationwide

Face Matching & Point-of-Sale

Know your customers’ emotions to drive higher customer satisfaction. Solution suited for high traffic area, service counters and even retail areas when integrated with their point-of-sale. Escort your customers digitally so that you can better understand their behavioural patterns, interests and preferences to build stronger bond of loyalty with them. On contrary, it may also reward returning customers whenever they return to the same store.

Understand individual shopper's engagement

Personalized your customer service with option to match loyal customers with discounts and promo

Understand shopper's emotion vs satisfaction

Measure, track and learn to improve business operations

Client Case Study 1

Clear Channel invited Facerecog Asia to enhance their 6-sheet panels to include data-driven analytics and creative ads. Since then, Facerecog provides a layer of real-time data to measure effectiveness and reach of Clear Channel's clients which included international brands such as Discover Channel and local brands such as Singtel amongst many others. Clear Channel sealed its partnership with Facerecog Asia to be the data analytics and computer vision partner for its digital screens islandwide. Facerecog Asia is responsible for the software which enables Clear Channel’s ads to change based on Age, and Gender and Expression of passengers. In additional, Facereog’s Data Analytics layer provide people-counting, and demographics-tracking features.


Client Case Study 2

Facerecog Asia went head to head with a publicly-listed Nasdaq company for the DBS Retail branch tender. The tender is to transform the usual brick-and-mortar branch to be the first SMART RETAIL banking branch in Asia. Facerecog Asia beat out its competitor due to responsiveness of its trigger advertisement and accuracy. Within the retail branch, Facerecog sorts ads for DBS Bank’s Marketing Team in Singapore to show the most relevant product to its clients. Facerecog Asia is responsible for changing the ambience of the DBS SMART RETAIL branch by changing all the media on the screens in the Branch upon detecting the Age, Gender and Expression of customers.


Client Case Study 3

Facerecog Asia participated in the Sentosa Development Corporation’s (SDC’s) Integrated Gust Experience (iGX) Challenge, where its goal is make Sentosa the first smart hospitality and leisure island in the world. Facerecog Asia competed against 15 companies, emerging as one of the final six companies selected to participate in iGX Challenge1. Facerecog Asia exceeded expectations during several rounds of rigorous evaluations with SDC’s and Info-communication Media and Development Authority (IMDA’s) Chief Executives and Department Heads; being the only Tech Partner that delivered a complete hardware-to-software solution. Facerecog Asia is responsible for installing a Smart Emotion-Recognising Touch Screen where its 3-fold functions include trigger advertising based on Age, Gender and Expression, way-point finding and a preference questionnaire.

Customer Testimonials

“Facerecog’s Emotion Recognition tech not only supported our findings but also illuminated new insights.” – Vijay Raj, Vice President CMI, Research Innovation, Media and Shopper Insights, Unilever

“We pitted Facerecog’s Trigger Advertising solution with a few other companies, and their solution is more effective and gels in well with our SMS Q service. At the end of the day, we care about enhancing the overall experience for all our branch customers.” – Peggy Xu, Assistant Vice President of New Sales and Marketing, DBS Bank Limited

“Clear Channel’s Play screen, thanks to the team at Facerecog who pulled it off at such a quick turnaround time, can now do all the creative triggers such as gender recognition and color detection. Now we’re thinking of getting brands onboard this new platform!” – Kelly Khoo, CEO, Clear Channel Singapore

“This set-up is amazing. I love how the emotions are displayed live. I can now send in a note to the moderator when there is a specific emotional response I want to probe further. I can also mark it on the video for review! Amazing! Previously, the bulk of my week is spent searching through these videos for the specific response that the client wants. Now I can immediately go straight to the point in the video. This gives me the possibility to spend less time searching for it and more time providing a deeper analysis for my client” – Nihal Ajikya, Senior Manager Quantum CS Indonesia

Output of combined features can be used for retail and shopper marketing, customer service, traffic control and complementing security system across all industries.


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