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Teabreak is pleased to announce our new partnership with Rascasse, an AI-driven consumer insights platform, for brands that need to dramatically improve their understanding of consumers, competition and markets to transform customer experience and increase revenues. Teabreak is the exclusive master reseller for the APAC region.

We are delivering measurable results down to zip-code level, a first in the industry. Brands can get started with Rascasse's SaaS platform within days and get detailed results without needing to upload any data.

How Rascasse adds value

We create a fact base for some of the most important topics marketers deal with.

I decide where to sell our products & services.

Find the best locations on a global, regional, country, city and postalcode level to place your offers. Be it shops, brands, products and product ranges or billboards, and organize your sales team efficiently.

I create personas.

Bring new ideas to light for new business pitches and ongoing work with granular personas based on real interests, affinities, engagements and overall media habits of your target groups.

I define target groups.

Create campaign strategies that go beyond classic demographic segmentation, using analysis to identify tribes of people based on their interests, motivations, personalities and lifestyles. Do more than standard modeling to attract larger audiences for your existing content and channels.

I analyze market potential and my competition.

Understand market characteristics and differentiate yourself from the competition with detailed glimpses into their facts & figures, identifying opportunities for conquest.

I develop products & services.

Support product development with comprehensive insights of how your customers think and feel, decisions they take, and the products and services they love.

I take sponsoring and testimonials decisions.

Sponsor events, organizations, venues or TV shows that really matter to your audience in regard to size and affinities. Or understand which celebrities share your values, help your image and are beneficial to your goals.

I communicate my brand, products & services.

Get inspired and create content that will resonate with your audience and is based on the unique insights revealed by Rascasse.

I spend money on advertising.

Easily identify affinities and reach between your products & services and potential advertisers. Create direct revenues and spend your money cleverly.

I am hiring.

Your target group is new employees? No matter if senior professionals or students. Understand where to find them, what they value, what interests them - how they tick.

Rascasse Dashboard screenshots.

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