Integrated O2O Path to Purchase Experience

The true power of BTL advertising lies in its communication via non-structured media. This freedom to push the limits on creativity has resulted in our unique specialization of O2O BTL innovations, in which every component works in synergy, to optimize the very first encounter between product and customer. This First Moment of Truth is the start of a real relationship between the customer and your brand. Using 360-degree design strategies to support marketing plans, we help our clients to STOP and HOLD the shoppers' attention enroute to the checkout counter, to then capture the CLOSE, where the buying decision is secured.

BTL Reinvention

Our competitive edge lies in our ability to customize innovations for specific mediums at targeted channels and countries.

Centralized BTL Deployment Toolkits & Artworks

We provide BTL solutions from concept all the way to the final production, with full integration at every stage. Our centralized deployment toolkits take care of holistic campaign artworks and training materials, providing multi-lingual translations wherever required.

Centralized Production, Retail Renovation and Construction

Teabreak also specializes in centralized sourcing and production across the Asia-Australasian region. Our experience in customizing in-store and out-of-store advertising products using all manners of alternative mix production materials (which include offset and corrugated printing, arcylic, plastics, metal, wood, synthetics, etc), means we are able to provide solutions even for cost-sensitive and multi-functional projects.

Export & Logistics Project Management

Teabreak is one of few BTL solution providers with an in-house logistics project management team. This provides our clients with the additional service of a network with reliable cross-border deliveries.

O2O Trigger Advertising & Shopper Analytics

Along with our retail & shopper design solutions, we can trigger communication, pushing the right ad/communication to the right audience at the precise moment to convert and drive traffic conversion, track & measure your shopper behaviour, satisfaction and their path to purchase journey to determine the efficiency of your advertising spending & retail space. Output of combined features can be used for retail and shopper marketing, customer service, traffic control and complementing security system across all industries.